The Conquest Debate


It is indeed a fact that, major themes of African history include condemnation of the colonizer, Arabian pride, and displacement. Colonization subjected African people to major social, political and cultural changes, and these are reflected in their present day status in the committee of nations, and the different struggles of power shift among nations

The Conquest Debate looks at Africa’s past and reflects on the changing ways it has been imagined and represented, both in Africa, Arab world and beyond. The book illustrates important aspects of Africa and Arabian history with a range of fascinating historical examples, drawn from over 5 millennia across this vast continent.

History is an academic discipline which uses a narrative to describe, examine, question, and analyze past events, and investigate their patterns of cause and effect. The Conquest Debate illustrates which narrative best explains an event, as well as the significance of different causes and effects.

About the author

Mohammed E. Ismail Elobaid was born in 1992 on the desert area of Shandi-Khartoum. As a teenager he had a short career playing draft on the streets of Khartoum, until common sense steered him away. He then went on to gain admission at the International University of Africa Khartoum-Sudan, where he studied Economics, and later had a course in Journalism that further spur his interest in the written words.

He went on to work at the defunct Khartoum Horizon Newspaper (marketing department), and later join the Newsroom. He also worked at Daily Times Khartoum as news editor, and at this point, he had already written several journals, two short stories, essays and a Non-fiction Book (The Foundation) on history of Arabian heritage that captures the beginning and end of Arabs sojourn in Africa. He has written five other books whilst working part-time in the Editorial department of major media houses and Book agencies in Khartoum. His latest Book (The Conquest Debate) published in October 2021 by Strategic Book USA, has received numerous award nominations including the North Africa Writers Guide Award. The book, well plotted, grapples with the effects of intergenerational trauma, colonialism and power struggle.

So far it has won the Ethnic Voices Award, and was shortlisted for the African Bureau of Writers Award. The author lives in Khartoum Sudan with his parents, brothers and sisters, like a big Italian family. His next book will be launched in February 2023.